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12 x 16 Shed Plans

12X16 Shed Plans 

Most plans that you find on a website might not be the size you are looking for, and also a lot of the time the plans are all mixed up and it’s hard to find the one you want. Also the quality of the plans are usually pretty bad.

But I found a really good website that features the exact sized plan you are looking for. It’s called Teds Woodworking Plans. So if you are specifically looking for 12 x 16 shed plans, then they are available on this site.

I found the plans at Ted's Woodworking extremely good quality, and well worth the investment as they are reasonably priced, and very good quality. They are also easy to read and follow and are very detailed.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects 

This site features 2 types of  12 x 16 shed plans, one is a gable style shed, and the other a barn style shed.

Gable sheds are extremely popular because they are most likely to fit in with the style of your house. Check out this post for more information on gable storage shed plans.

Barn sheds are really good because the roof of this style of shed provides extra space for storage. So if you are looking for extra storage space in a shed, this could be the design for you. To read more about barn style sheds, check out my post on barn shed plans.

So take action and visit Ted's Plans right now, and buy the 12×16 shed plans to begin building your shed today.

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Brad Smith

PS. These are some of the best storage shed plans I have seen at such a reasonable price.  So check them out now. Click here to purchase these quality shed plans now!

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects