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Barn Shed Plans

Barn Shed Plans 

When talking about a gambrel shed and a barn shed, one is referring to the same type of shed.  The term gambrel refers to style of roof the shed has. Because of its style, a gambrel or barn shed is typically taller than other style sheds. The benefit of this type of shed is that the gambrel roof offers a large amount of storage space. So if you want a shed with lots of storage space and you want to take on the challenge of building this yourself, get your hands on some good detailed barn shed plans.

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You can find some free barn shed plans on the internet, but it’s been my experience that you normally get what you pay for. Most of the free shed plans are one or two pages and often very difficult to read. By spending a little bit up front you can get some detailed plans that will help you get the job done. A site I highly recommend is Ted's Woodworking Plans. You will find dozens of shed plans but thousands of other woodworking plans in addition. Check it out!

The roofline on this style of shed is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It also adds a lot of character to your backyard. It’s for this reason that many people choose to build a barn style shed.

Because of the extra space in the roof, a barn style shed can be used for all kinds of storage needs. You can store extra tools or building supplies. If you use the shed for a workshop, you can build a nice work bench on the bottom section and store your extra lumber or other work items in the above storage area. When building a playhouse for the kids, the gambrel roof works great if you want to add a play area up in the loft. It’s fun for kids to have a two story building to play in. If you make your barn shed large enough, it can even be used as a guest house.

If you decide to build a large barn shed, you can have two levels, which will almost double your storage space. When building a large barn shed, you could use the bottom for a garage and the top for a workshop. If you go with a smaller barn shed plan, you can use the top level for smaller items, and the bottom level for bigger and heavier items. You can also add a window on the top level allowing for good ventilation. This also adds a nice aesthetic feature.

It’s important when attempting to build an outdoor barn style storage shed that you have some detailed shed plans, as the roof design is fairly complicated and can be hard to build. It’s nice to have a detailed description on how to build your shed. This is especially true for one who hasn’t done much woodworking.

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The gambrel storage shed style especially works well in the country or in areas that are large and open. Normally the barn or gambrel shed plans are for is little larger building since it takes a bigger shed to have adequate space to store things on the top side. Some of the more common sizes of barn sheds would be 12x16, 12x20, 12x24, 14x20, 14x24, 16x16, 16x20, and 16x24. You can naturally go smaller, as small as 6x8 and even much larger. You will need to determine the size you need based on a couple of things. The first consideration is how much room you have for the shed. You may need to either adjust how the shed will sit or turn it 90 degrees so it will fit in the space you have. Another consideration when deciding what size of a shed you want is your storage needs. How many things do you need to store? Always go with a shed that will give you a little more space than you think you will need. You will be surprised as to how much space you will end up needing.

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So if you want a shed with lots of storage space, then get hold of some detailed gambrel or barn storage shed plans as the roof design is quite complicated and can be a real challenge to build.


Brad Smith

PS. While you were reading this post, I was checking out some great barn shed plans at Ted's Woodworking Plans. Check them out now!

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