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Firewood Stack Plans

Firewood Stack 

 Deciding to build your own firewood rack, stack or storage unit is a wise move because if you decided to buy one at your local store, you will notice they are expensive and quite small, so you are very limited by the choices available.

If you build your own firewood rack it will be less expensive and you can make it large, so it will be able to hold a full face cord of firewood. Also if you have space limitations, you can customize the rack to fit the desired space.

You will need good quality firewood stack plans to work from in order to build your rack, and some great plans can be found at Ted's Woodworking Plans.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects 

Some of the important things to consider when building your firewood rack are:

Ensure the base is sturdy as this is the most crucial part of the rack.

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With the amount of weight the firewood rack will be holding you need a set of strong end panels to keep it safe and secure.

Paint the rack with a good exterior paint.


Brad Smith

PS. If you are looking for a firewood stack plans, check out Ted's Plans.

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