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Firewood Storage Shed Plans

Firewood Storage Shed 

If you live in an area that gets cold in the winter, a fireplace can come in very handy. It’s nice to be able to sit by a warm fire when the outside elements are brisk or downright cold. Without dry wood a fireplace doesn’t do you much good. Sheds built especially for firewood are a great idea to keep the wood dry during a long, cold and wet winter. There is nothing worse than storing your wood by the side of your house where it can get damp. Then it takes forever to dry it out before you can use it. Firewood needs to be dry in order to use it; so firewood sheds are a great solution. If you haven’t ever constructed one before firewood storage shed plans come in really handy. Get 16,000 Plans Including Firewood Shed Plans now.

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Deciding to build your own firewood shed is a great idea. By doing so, you can customize it to your own needs and liking. There are plenty of firewood storage shed plans out there on the internet which can assist you with your project. Get Firewood Shed Plans now Including 16,000 other Plans.

Build A Firewood Shed With Proper Air Flow

When looking at plans for your firewood storage shed, just make sure you allow space for airflow. When you stack wood properly, air can flow around the wood, keeping it dry. This keeps the firewood from decaying or breaking down. Air needs to flow around all sides of the wood when stacked. This is also important for the bottom layer of wood. You want to avoid contact with the ground, because if the ground is wet, the wood will absorb it, making it unusable until it dries out again. To overcome this issue, a raised floor is the best option which can be made from a wood pallet or a floor made with slats which will allow airflow to circulate from the bottom as well.

Building The Right Roof For A Firewood Storage Shed

The roof of a firewood storage shed is also important. It needs to keep dew, moisture and snow off the wood pile, and therefore the roof should be slanted. This allows water to flow off the roof, away from the wood. Also the ground level where the shed is placed should have some slope so the water runs away after heavy rain and doesn’t collect around the shed.

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If you look at firewood sheds, they typically have 3 closed sides and one open side. This keeps the airflow moving as well as keeping the wood dry. With one open side, you should always make sure the open end of the shed faces away from where the elements could enter (such as angled rain).

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So enjoy the pleasures a great firewood storage shed can give you during the winter months by building one from quality firewood storage shed plans which can be found at Ted's Woodworking Plans.

Deciding Which Style of Firewood Shed To Build

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There are different firewood storage shed designs to choose from, but they all serve one main purpose, which is to keep firewood dry during the winter months. Get your firewood shed plans now so you can get it built before frigid weather sets in. By getting your shed built now, you can assure your wood will be kept dry and ready to burn. It is always best to let firewood dry out before stacking it, but if that’s not possible, then you can choose a design that allows the wood to dry while stacked. Depending on what your exact requirements are for your firewood shed, will determine the plans and design you choose.

Design 1: If your firewood is slightly wet before you stack it, you may want to consider this design. It’s the mono-pitch shed roof that keeps the rain off and allows a good airflow to help dry out the wood.

Design 2: If you need to protect your firewood from the elements, consider this design. This firewood shed keeps the firewood protected and the raised floor stops water from the ground getting the bottom part of the stack wet.

Design 3: If you like the Lean –to Look then consider this design. It has a clear plastic roof which allows the sun to penetrate and heat the wood which accelerates the seasoning, keeps the wood dry and also keeps the rain off.

Firewood Storage Shed Designs

Tips On Building A Firewood Shed
  1. Location of the firewood shed is important. It’s best to build it close to the back door of your home so it’s easy to get to. There would be nothing worse than having to walk through the cold icy snow to get your wood right at the back of your yard.

  2. A firewood shed should have a raised floor to prevent the wood from getting damp.

  3. A firewood shed roof needs to be slanted so the snow and rain runs off the roof away from the wood. Also its best if the ground the shed is built on also slants away from the wood, so the water doesn’t collect by the wood.

  4. Airflow is important in a shed used to store firewood. This is so the wood dries properly. That is why most firewood sheds are built with 3 sides. One side is open to create airflow. Just make sure this open side faces away from where most of the wind occurs, to protect the wood from the elements.

When the cold strikes, you will be so glad you built that firewood shed, as you will be all nice and warm sitting by your warm fire listening to the cold wind outside.

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Don’t delay in building your shed, as the cold weather is fast approaching. Enjoy the pleasures a great firewood storage shed can give you during the winter months by building one from quality Firewood storage shed plans which can be found at Ted's Woodworking.


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