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Loft Shed Plans

Loft Shed Plans 

 Deciding to add a loft to the storage shed you are going to build is a great option, as you can store extra items that are out of the way and best of all, out of sight. There are some good loft shed plans to choose from that you can add to your existing storage shed plans, so you can build your dream shed.

In regards to the loft you are going to build, just make sure you’re not tempted to use it as a place to dump items that you know should throw out, otherwise it just defeats the whole purpose. A loft is a great place to store lighter items while you can store your machinery such as lawn mowers, bicycles etc below.

When planning your loft, take into consideration what it’s going to store, as it has to be built strong enough to take the weight. So bare this in mind when you are looking at loft shed plans. Things you might want to store in the loft are Christmas decorations, chairs, extra boxes, or you might want to convert it to a room with a bed, desk and table.

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During the planning process of your loft, consider where the hatch will be placed to access the loft. Centrally is a great location, as you can utilize the space all around the loft, not just the part right in front.

Another thing to consider is the size of the loft. Do you want to store a lot of items up there, or only a few? If you want to store a lot of items, build the loft to run along the whole length of the shed, otherwise just build it to only half the shed. This can save you time and money.

Also you will need to think about lighting for the loft. You can just go for solar powered lights to save costs on electricity, or even a battery powered LED light. If you want more reliable light, then get it connected to the mains of your house.

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The best style of shed to build a loft in is a gambrel shed(barn style) as it is dual pitch on each side of the roof, which makes a lot of space to add a loft. The pitch of the roof should be at least 8/12 to create a decent amount of room.


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