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Outdoor Playhouses

Outdoor Playhouses 

Every kid wants an outdoor playhouse, and there is nothing better than watching your child create a whole fantasy world in their playhouse and run around in sheer delight in the garden.

Kids outdoor playhouses can now be bought prefabricated in the form of kits which are an easy solution to getting your child a playhouse, but they are extremely expensive. Also a lot of these kits are outdoor plastic playhouses, and even tough the plastic they are made out of is durable, they are still not as strong and long lasting as outdoor wooden playhouses.

Deciding to build your children their own playhouse out of wood is a good option because ultimately it will be less expensive to build, it will be more durable and you can design a playhouse to exactly what you and you kids are looking for.

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There are a few things to consider before building the playhouse. Where in your garden do you want the playhouse to go as it must be in a spot that you can see easily when you are inside the house. You should also make sure the playhouse isn’t near any tight corners or dangerous parts of your property, as kids love to run in and out and around their playhouse.

Once you have picked a spot for the playhouse, you can then think of a size that fits the area. It’s a good idea to then level the ground and if you have the budget lay a concrete slab to build the playhouse on.

Once you have built the playhouse out of wood, make sure you treat it with a wood preservative to protect it and delay rotting and flaking of the structure.

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In order to build your kids their own playhouse, you will need to some very comprehensive playhouse plans that include a complete materials list and simple step-by-step instructions to get it done by yourself.


Brad Smith

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