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Pole Shed Plans

Pole Shed

 If you are looking for a quick, easy and affordable shed to build, then you can’t go past a pole shed.

They are easier to build than other sheds and this is because pole sheds don’t have a properly poured cement floor. The foundation of the shed is the ground itself, and the poles that form the structure of the shed are pushed deep into the ground and then set into concrete. The walls of the shed and the roof are then built around these poles and the framework. As a result, the pole shed plans are not as complex as some of the other shed style plans.

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Some things that might be a drawback of a pole shed is that the floor is the ground, and if it rains a lot, it can get pretty muddy. Also the moisture that gets into the shed from the ground can damage any items stored in the shed, so some people lay down tarps or another form of plastic flooring.

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 Besides the drawbacks, a great benefit of a pole shed is that you can configure the inside space to suit your needs. You can have a large section of the shed open for you to work on different projects, while having another section enclosed to lock up your tools.

If you are cost conscious then this is the shed for you, you can save heaps of money and still have a way of creating an enclosed space to store things. Farmers build pole sheds all the time, as they are easy, convenient and cheaper to build.

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If you don’t feel confident in building a more complicated shed with a cement floor, then get some good quality pole shed plans,which should include a cutting list so that you can take this to your local timber supplier and have them supply the lumber for you.

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