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Saltbox Storage Shed Plans

Saltbox Storage Shed Plans 

 A saltbox storage shed is easily spotted by it’s asymmetrical roof. They add great character to your property, which has led to a lot of home owners getting hold of saltbox storage shed plans and building this style of shed.

The saltbox style of shed has a sloped roof with one long rear slope and one short slope. It’s a great choice if you have a small property, but would still like to build a shed that has plenty of room.

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Because one side of the roof is a short slope, you can build this shed up against a side of a house with the shorter end out towards the garden without taking up too much space. Also they can be built up against the trunk of a tree with the sloped roof sitting under the tree branches.

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Saltbox storage sheds can also be used to not only store your gardening tools and machinery, but the longer side of the sloped roof can be used to store wood during winter. This saves you time, effort and money building a whole other shed just to store firewood.


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