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Shed Floor Plans

Shed Floor Plans 

 When you start building a storage shed, it all starts with the floor, and so it’s very important to use good shed floor plans to ensure the foundations you build your shed on will be strong.

Generally it is recommended that the weight a shed floor should be able to hold is 150kg per square meter. So considering an average person weighs between 70 to 80kg, that gives you an indication of what weight the floor has to support.

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One of the main things to consider when building the shed floor, is that water is the biggest problem. It’s therefore important when looking at floor plans for a shed, that the following tips are provided to keep the shed floor dry:

• A polythene barrier, which is thick heavy duty plastic placed beneath the shed floor and held down with stones or a concrete slab. This will prevent rising moisture and stop plant growth under the shed.

• Provide good ventilation beneath the shed will help any damp air disperse and keep the timbers dry.

• You can also place damp proof membrane beneath the supports of the floor joists. This acts as another barrier to block moisture rising from the ground.

• You can prevent moisture getting in from above by placing large eaves and gutters to allow water to drain down onto the ground.

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The next step is to start looking for quality storage shed plans that have detailed information, including the right materials to use to build a sturdy shed floor. Some good plans can be found at Ted's Plans.


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