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Storage Shed Foundation

Storage Shed Foundation 

 Your Storage Shed Foundation provides a level, stable structure to build upon and protects the building from moisture and erosion. So when considering which storage shed plans you are going to use to build your shed, the first thing to consider is the foundation.

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In following posts we will be looking at how to build five of the most common types of shed foundations. All but the concrete pier foundation are built on top of the ground and can lower and rise a few inches during seasonal freezing and thawing of the soil underneath. A storage shed is quite a small free standing structure which isn’t attached to any buildings, so this really isn’t a problem. However, it can affect some interior finishes (wallboard, as an example).

When you choose a Storage Shed Foundation type for your storage shed, consider the specific site and the performance qualities of all systems in various climates; then check with the local building department to learn what’s allowed in your area. Some foundations, for example concrete slabs, may classify sheds as permanent structures, which can affect property taxes, among other things.

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Depending on your area and your climate, you may need to install special tie-downs or ground anchors according to local laws. If your building department requires a “frost-proof” foundation (so the building won’t move with the freezing ground), you should be able to pass inspection by building your shed on concrete pier foundations.


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