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Wooden Skid Foundation

Wooden Skid Foundation 

A Wooden Skid Foundation is very simple. It’s two or more treated wood beams or landscape timbers  set on a bed of gravel. The gravel provides a flat, stable surface that has good drainage which helps to keep the timbers dry. Once the skids are set, the floor frame is built on top of them and is nailed to the skids to keep everything in place.

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Building a skid foundation is just a matter of firstly preparing the gravel base, then cutting, setting, and leveling the timbers. The timbers you use must be rated for ground contact.

To add a decorative touch, you can make angled cuts on the ends of the Skids which  make it easier move the shed to a new location, if need be.

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Because a Skid Foundation made of wood sits on the ground, it is subject to slight shifting due to frost in cold-weather climates. Often a shed that has risen out of level will correct itself in spring when everything starts to thaw, but if it doesn’t, you can lift the shed with jacks on the low side and add gravel beneath the skids to level it.


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